Start with a plain flat piece of glass, glue additional colored pieces of glass on top. Choose from pre-cut design glass or we will teach you how to cut your own.  When you are done, we fuse your glass together in our kiln.  You can choose to have your glass fired a second time to shape it into a vase, votive holder or bowl. Glass pricing starts at $12 and is ready to be picked up after one week.

Fused glass is AWESOME! and super easy to make.

Like easy-peasy lemon squeezy kind of easy. Seriously. 

Art you can wear!

Who doesn’t want to adorn themselves with art?

I know I do.

Imagine.....easy, affordable, spectacular one of a kind jewelry created by you!  Using the same process as bigger pieces, just on a smaller scale!  Jewelry prices start at $16 for 4 or more pendants.

Bottle Slumping

Glass bottles can be melted to create wall plaques, cheese boards, spoon rests and more.  Bottle slumping starts at just $10.

*Glass is sharp! Children ages 12 and younger will need a dedicated adult to help them with glass projects.